Ruston & Hornsby 'Beaver'

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Year built 1940
Builder Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln, England
Type/Class 20DL
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0 DM
Gauge 2ft 0in
Number Builder's number most likely 202969
BRR #3
Length 7ft 11 1/2in (frame only)
Weight 2.75 imperial ton (as built)

Engine (original) R&H 2VSO, 2 cylinder, 15hp, water cooled, indirect injection diesel
Engine (current)Believed to be: Lister ST2 2 cylinder, 21hp, air cooled, direct injection diesel. Reduction unit between engine and gearbox
TransmissionPatent 3-speed planetary manual gearbox, with combined forward +
reverse. Chains from gearbox to each axle
Braking (original)Loco braking via hand lever
Braking (current)Straight air train brakes, setup for spring apply and air pressure release via truck brake cylinder
Couplers (original)Pin and chain
Couplers (current)"Chopper" hook+buffer

This locomotive was built in 1940 as part of a war effort contract to the Ministry of Supply of the UK Government during WWII. Having seen use at various airfields and gun ranges in Britain with their ordnance supply light railways, it was put up for sale in 1972. By 1974 this small loco had been completely rebuilt with a steam engine body for a new role pulling theme park train rides. Passing through owners such as Cotswold Wildlife Park and Billing Aquadrome, it eventually found its way on a ship to New Zealand in 1984. Continuing with the theme park role, it pulled two small carriages at Leisureland Theme Park, later rebranded as the Footrot Flats Theme Park. When the park saw closure in 2003 the locomotive disappeared until appearing at the online auction site Trademe in late 2011, minus carriages. The loco was purchased by the BRRS General Manager John Orchard, and it arrived at the railway on 19th January 2012. Soon modified for the railway's air braking system, the engine sees occasional use on work trains but mainly serves as a workshop shunter due to being unsuited to haul the main passenger train.

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